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The Unlimited Learning Revolution is Here!

Education is transforming into a more personalized, unlimited, lifelong movement with technology.

We all know how important it is for our children to develop their literacy skills. Excellent reading comprehension and writing skills are a hallmark of professional success and personal development on any path a person might take. Yet even in our modern world where technology seems capable of bringing us anything we wish for with just a click, traditional education methods seem far behind. Children whose literacy skills fall behind lose out on opportunities later in life, making this a top priority for modern educators - but where is the technology to match that need?

The answer lies in a new technological movement: Unlimited Learning. Unlimited Learning seeks to create equality in education, placing the best digital resources directly into the hands of students all over the world. Everyone needs access to resources to achieve their full potential, and many people fall short of it just because they don’t get their hands on the right tools! Unlimited Learning seeks to make this disconnect a thing of the past.

ODILO is the company that has been the leader in this education revolution. Their platforms offer students around the world access to millions of resources, and their content is available in all major languages, on and offline, on up to 6 different devices per user, and with accessibility features including dyslexia-specific fonts and text-to-voice capabilities for all content. These tools help students and their families collaborate with teachers and schools for the best possible education, as in the case of Al Najah Private School (ANPS) in Abu Dhabi, who has recently jumped into the Unlimited Learning revolution with their own personalized ODILO platform!

 ANPS is a child-centred institution whose approach is based on three guiding principles:

  • Exceptional teaching quality,
  • Memorable learning experiences,
  • And great value for money for the families they serve.

Combined, these create an education that approaches learning as a lifelong habit and favors each individual’s progress towards the best version of themselves.

To provide its students with the best education and a passion for learning that will last a lifetime, Al Najah is joining the Unlimited Learning movement with the support of ODILO and with the aim of reaching further:

  •  Eliminating schedules and time limits to learning
  • Amplifying access to educational content
  • Making learning accessible and personalized to each student

Learn more about ODILO and other Schools like Al Najah across the globe which are transforming education through Unlimited Learning here: