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Case Study: Replacing One School’s Old Safeguarding Systems | MyConcern

Ahead of the Outstanding Schools Middle East Conference, our Sponsor, MyConcern share how their award-winning child protection software helped one school in Doha to improve and replace its old systems for recording and reporting safeguarding concerns.

MyConcern is a secure and trusted child protection software used by schools and colleges worldwide, with safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults at the heart of everything they do.  Suitable for any educational setting, their award-winning platform has been created and developed by child protection experts with backgrounds in education, social care and policing.

Prior to adopting MyConcern, ACS International School Doha used a paper-based method to record and report safeguarding, wellbeing and child protection concerns. The team in place worried about the risk this method presented to confidentiality, plus, it made it difficult to securely share information with other school staff and external bodies when required.

ACS Doha needed a system which would allow them to store information safely and transfer records to new schools when students move on. Staff at the school heard about MyConcern from other schools already using the system, and feedback suggested it to be very secure and easy-to-use. They chose MyConcern in favour of other products due to the trust they had in the system, the coaching received, and the excellent customer support given at every stage.

When ACS Doha implemented MyConcern, they wanted to ensure every member of staff could contribute to pupil safety and wellbeing easily and securely, and were impressed with how user-friendly the system was.

By implementing MyConcern ACS Doha reported savings to cost and time, better insight into issues faced by students, easy access to detailed information for safeguarding leads, and the ability to link pupils for a clearer understanding.

“We now have all the information we need in order to protect students to hand, and no longer have to rely on paper-based files and can engage in interventions for students efficiently, at any time, anywhere”.

Want to hear more from MyConcern?  Drop by their virtual “stand” or join their video workshop with Director, Mike Glanville: ‘Transforming Child Protection & Safeguarding Practice – A Strategic Model’ at 1.40pm on Tuesday.