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Leadership Strategies: Supporting Staff, Pupils and Parents Returning to School

Reopening of Schools

As schools start to reopen it is crucial for senior leaders to reassure their staff, pupils and parents that returning to school is safe. Schools have had to develop strategies and plans in line with government guidelines which best fit their environment, community, and circumstances.

Not only do senior leaders need to ensure the health and safety of those returning to school, but they also need to consider how to best support the transition, including supporting mental health and wellbeing of pupils and teachers. For many pupils, returning to school in uncertain and unfamiliar circumstances can be anxiety inducing. Senior leaders are under a lot of pressure to ensure a smooth transition back to normality for their community. As schools start to reopen this week, we’ll be looking at strategies to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible.

Case Study Example:

Doha English Speaking School have shared with us their Back to School Roadmap, which outlines their plan for safely reopening. This accessible document highlights the key areas where things have changed, and new procedures have been put in place. It includes new rules for social distancing and temperature checks as well as information about learning delivery both in the classroom and at home. In this video, DESS Principal Sean Sibley, demonstrates to pupils and parents what they can expect when returning to school. Sean also created a video for his staff, helping them prepare for a smooth transition into the new school year.

Sean will be speaking at Outstanding Schools Middle East Conference in November alongside Sir Michael Wilshaw, Sir Anthony Seldon, Dame Rachel de Souza DBE and many more expert speakers. Sean will be sharing strategies for supporting the training and professional development of staff. Find out more: