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Game Over: Gaming Addition and Student Wellbeing | Yes We Can Youth Clinics

Victor’s story gave me that feeling of seeing the effects of an everyday, prevalent problem for the very first time.

For all our research and event focus on student wellbeing, I had completely overlooked some of the most affected young people of 2020 in the Middle East and elsewhere; Gaming addicts.

Digital addictions are serious but our recognition and treatment of it has taken too long. Compulsive gaming was only officially added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 2018.

As the lines between home and school blur, this is perhaps the best time for principals, pastoral leaders and teachers to recognise and support children with digital addictions.

The addiction is a symptom, the cause is underlying trauma; If that it is understood, schools can look out for the signs, know when to identify students and when to seek help.

I feel grateful to Victor for sharing his very emotional story at OSME 2020. If it helps the attending schools recognise 1 case of gaming addiction, then I will consider that a success.

I hope we can reach more. We have decided to make it available to watch for free.